Portholme Fritillaries 2021

Over Christmas 2020 the Great Ouse flooded significantly so much so that Portholme flooded to a depth that it was possible to windsurf over it. The waters returned in mid-January and remained for several weeks.

A large puddle remained across the path that goes from the Godmanchester lock to Brampton. This extended over part of the area where the large concentration of Fritillaries grow. It remained from February and still had not completely dried up in mid-April when the ground around was still saturated.

The Fritillaries on the dry areas grew as usual but in the area that remained wet they seemed to be much later in coming up and many had no flower, those that did had smaller flowers and a much higher percentage were white.

It will be interesting to see next year, if it doesn’t flood for such a long period if they return to normal and there are fewer white ones.

Normal Dry Area Wet Area Drying Out


Huntingdonshire Fauna & Flora Society - AGM 2021

The AGM was held by email and post this year and the members of the committee are as follows:

Gordon Wyatt (Chairman)
Julian Limentani (Secretary)
Stuart Irons (Treasurer/Membership)
Peter Lake (Programme Secretary)
Henry Arnold (Report Editor)
Barry Dickerson (Communications)
Heather Twinn      
Tin Reed
Jane Croft
Mick Twinn
Mike Drew
Andrew Frost


Hunts Fauna & Flora Society Facebook Group

The Society now has a proper Facebook group forum on which you can post your sightings and interact freely with other members. Take a look here, sign yourself up, and get posting! The Sightings page on this site will no longer be updated.