The first field meeting of the year was held on 15th May at Gamlingay Wood. James Bonfield and Peter Walker led the meeting, which was attended by 12 members, round a piece of ancient woodland and saw the rich flora of the wood. The walk started with a short history of the wood and its ancient origins with its first being recorded in the Doomsday Book.

The Bluebells were mostly over but a number of Early Purple Orchids and Tweayblade were seen. There are a mixture of soils from sandy to clay which support different types of Flora from Bracken, Primrose and Foxgloves to Bluebells and Oxlips. The trees are mainly fairly young consist of Oak, Ash, Field Maple with plenty of Hazel and Hawthorn.

The weather was a little damp but it did not curtail the visit which was greatly enjoyed by all.

Bracket Fungus   Early Purple orchid    

 Julian Limentani, photos ©Peter Lake.